Having first found my passion for photography whilst studying for a Masters in Fine Art, it was a trip to South Africa in 2014 that caused me to fall in love with wildlife photography and the possibilities it offers.  Since then, I have been delighted to be published in various publications including Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine and Klaserie Chronicle. 


I am captivated by the unique diversity that African wildlife has to offer and I am passionate about using the art of photography to showcase this.  I believe that meaningful photography has the power to change the world. Therefore, I believe it is important that my photography is used to glorify my subjects and aid conservation initiatives for them and their habitats.  My aim is to teach my guests the importance of impactful imagery, whilst sharing some of the experiences that caused me to fall in love with Africa years ago.


Since 2018, I have been based in the Greater Kruger of South Africa, within a photography team teaching conservation wildlife photography, providing photographers of all abilities a platform to develop their skills and educate them on an ethical approach to photography that can support wildlife conservation.